In ICS, we believe that all our clients' security risks are unique. As such, we customised our solutions to individual customers adopting our proven methodolgy. We evalute the different layers of security at every premises to ensure that all-rounded security is implemented and risks are being mitigated.


This function is perhaps the most important of any good security program. It must be a highly structured program capable of achieving the desired results. Obviously, basing the anticipated wage rates at an attractive level helps a company attract and retain highly motivated dedicated personnel.

ICS Security Places Great Emphasis on Hiring Good People and Providing Them with the Very Best Training Available

Our turnover ratio is one of the lowest in the security industry. We align ourselves accordingly to Government's Progressive Wage Model and pay our personnel slightly more than most security companies, and we provide more training. We demand more from our officers, and we provide a stable work environment with the potential for additional training and advancement within our company. We provide professional looking Uniforms and integrate security to assist our personneel. ICS Security provides a full range of Performance Specific Training both as a requirement for employment and in addition to periodic refresher training and new information so that our personnel can perform their duties in a superior manner.

In ICS, we provide outstanding performers with possibility of switching career tracks into property management, logistic etc. on top of a planned security track shall they choose to develop themselves into security expert. On top of that, we give our guards a starting annual leave of 10 days above the industrial norm of 7 days. This couples with other benefits, allow uis

We strongly believe that the security landscape is highly dynamics and security risk evolves constantly. As such, ICS is embedded in the concept of continuous improvement and constantly review our policies, procedures and manpower skillsets.