Basic Security Services

Basic Security Services, primary composing of 2 components, Manpower and Technology, provides you with the base requirements in protecting your assets. We provide quality and well-trained manpower and harness technology to increase their effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Protection range of services includes Guards, Patrolling, Concerige Services, Executive Protection as well as Events. Other than these, we are also able to customise our solutions to your requirements. Do feel free to contact us [link] for any enquiries.

We believes that there is no one solution to your security needs and harness technology with the objectives of ensuring maximum security and effectiveness whilst reducing future operating cost. We have been very sucessful in integrating surveillence technology into security solution resulting in long-term savings for our clients. Contact us now for more information.


We have the right security officer for the job.

The men and women in our nationwide network are trained in all aspects of personal and property protection.

The presence of a uniformed security officer provides a substantial deterrent to criminal and inappropriate activity at the location of assignment.
A uniformed security officer observes activity, reports any criminal or inappropriate activity to the proper authority, and documents all pertinent information at the job site.
A uniformed security officer enforces safety policies, takes action against safety hazards, ensures that property safety equipment is accounted for, and takes appropriate action in the event of an emergency. 

Recognising the increasing overlap of job responsibilities, our security officers are not only trained in security guard duties but also in customer service. All officers receive foundational training in Workforce Development Agency (WDA) approved courses, and are also involved in regular courses to upgrade their skills. All Security Supervisors (SSOs) must be certified and are trained by us to handle the management of a small team of security personnel. We also work closely with clients to provide up-to-date-training programmes to security personnel, whether in-house or external, to ensure their facilities receive only the best security services.

Manpower Guarding Services
Patroling Services
Security Concierge Services
Excecutive Protection Services
Event Management

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