Facilities Management

Industrial & Commercial Facilities Management Pte Ltd (ICFM) brings a human touch to the management of its clients’ premises. By integrating its human resources and technology, ICFM is able to anticipate and customise its facilities management solutions to adapt to its clients’ evolving needs. Over the years, we have worked to establish a strong rapport and track record with our clients by demonstrating our expertise in facilities management. ICFM currently acts as one-stop hassle-free service that incorporates Cleaning and Housekeeping, Pest Control, Building Improvement (Minor Works), Landscaping as well as System Integrator services.

Our Services

Cleaning and Houskeeping (Commercial, Industrial & Residential)

A clean environment raises productivity and ensures the well-being of employees. Renowned for its efficient, flexible and client-tailored cleaning services, ICFM’s skilled and well-trained employees are able to create a clean environment to maximise productivity. Our staff have been specially trained to customise cleaning solutions based on the needs of individual clients.

Pest Control

Say ‘No’ to pesky pests—proper sanitation and hygiene standards are one of the basic requirements of running a business. A pest infestation can be a nuisance and even cost financial losses if left unchecked.

ICFM’s range of pest control solutions has been helping clients maintain pest-free premises for over a decade. We not only target immediate hygiene threats that are reported on the premises, we also seek to uncover the source of the infestations, thus eradicating the hygiene threat and ensuring they don’t return in the long run.

We cover a range of premises, including: industrial buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, private residences and so on.

Landscape Maintenance

ICFM’s landscaping services cover the maintenance of common grounds, including trees and shrubbery.

System Integrator Services

Transforming Facilities Management with Smart Technology—system integrators help enhance the efficiency of facility maintenance by shifting the focus away from manpower-intensive processes and digitising them. For example, smart cameras with the ability to count the number of people entering a facility can convert the data into statistics, which could provide comprehensive footfall awareness to commercial properties during different times of the day or week.

Smart bins are another form of smart technology: these bins are solar-powered and have sensors that tell cleaners how full they are. They are also fitted with compactors, which give each bin up to eight times the capacity of a normal bin, thus cutting down the need for manpower to empty bins frequently.

By forging forward and investing in System Integrators, the efficiency of operations can be improved and reliance on manual operations can be reduced over time.

Building Improvements (Repair and maintenance works)

We understand that your building is a key asset and thus, offer a comprehensive range of minor building improvement services.

For more information about our facilities management,please contact us at   (65) 6631 0008