Integrated Services

Our Integrated Security Service is a 24-hour supervisory service that reduces overhead costs by employing CCTV monitoring and a mobile response team. Our Integrated Command Center operators are trained to identify suspicious activities or faults and dispatching our mobile response team upon observing any suspicious activities.

Remote Monitoring and Fast Response Team

Our Operators are trained to provide CCTV/access control/other integrated devices monitoring, fault reporting and quick response services. Upon any suspicion observed, before even engaging in the authorities, our operators will dispatch our mobile response team to check on the situation within the shortest possible duration. By offering this integrated service, manpower costs can be reduced for you as we monitor your assets and facilities without having to physically place our men at your facility. Either way, we promise quality security services with efficient and effective solutions.

Security Equipment Implementation

We employ a range of technological systems to optimize security services onsite. They include, but are not limited to:

- A CCTV System is used for onsite monitoring and aids in the deterrence of criminal activities. Our CCTV Systems are competitively priced and provide higher security efficiency with low maintenance.

- We use state-of-the-art Access Control Systems to control access to areas of concern. The system allows our personnel to closely track the authorised traffic entering and leaving high-risk areas.

-Integration of Fire Alarm Panel for unmanned Fire Command center in the event of absence of safety or security personnel.

If your technology already partially in place, do not worr, we too provide customized solution to fit our implementation to your need without the trouble of purchasing a whole new set of hardwares.